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V-FARM Research Unit with OSRAM PHYTOFY® RL

The most adaptable research chamber on the market.

Choose how you want to grow. Fully controllable spectral output lamps, NFT or Flood and Drain system, multiple level solutions with adjustable heights.

There is currently a huge demand for research tools exploring Vertical and indoor farming, LED lighting and light recipes. That's why Osram and V-Farm have joined forces to develop a range of research racks and chambers utilising Osrams PHYTOFY® RL research lights, a tunable LED system with six different spectral channels: 385 nm, 450 nm, 521 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm as well as a warm white channel with 2,700 Kelvin. It's a ‘plug and play’, fully modular cultivation system, focused on studying the effects of light and environmental conditions.

"For V-Farm, this collaboration is about developing tools that give researchers more control. It will speed up research enabling us to grow plants better," Stuart Green, global director of V-Farm.

"Food is key to humanity and increased research will support improved solutions. Solutions which will lead back to the system providers like V-Farm allowing people to feel inspired to grow and harvest their own edibles within their homes, communities and businesses."

Aimed at institutions, breeders, propagators and commercial growers. This collaboration will make it easier for researchers to mirror conditions from most natural habitats and carry out practical research in their own laboratory. They will be able to amend the light spectrum and intensity, environmental parameters, fertigation, growing media and method.

This ‘plug and play’ hydroponic system is fully scalable: from movable racks that are auto dosing and light controlled, suitable for breeders that have their own climate chambers, to fully controlled climate chambers via an easy to use app and PHYTOFY software interface.

It is simple to install and easy for growers, breeders and propagators to start new research straight away.

The systems will be launched at Greentech in Holland on June 11th 2019. Watch this space.

V-FARM Research Unit with OSRAM PHYTOFY® RL


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