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We are V-Farm, a plant focused advanced horticulture company
based in the uk

At V-Farm we believe the answer lies upwards. By farming vertically indoors we can reduce the need for agricultural land, focusing on disused inner-city buildings & growing within retail / living / working spaces, lessening food miles and fostering social enterprise and interaction.

Whether you have a restaurant kitchen in Canada, a warehouse in Hong Kong or even a station in space, V-Farm can work for you! Providing a reliable, clean and safe food production solution in cities and remote communities. While reducing carbon footprint and water usage by over 90%.

For true urban farming to be a reality on a mass scale it has to be sustainable and profitable. It is clear that there are more inputs needed to grow indoors than traditional ‘under sun’ open field cultivation so vertical farms need to be well designed / food safe and plant (not tech) focused so that every area is optimised for maximum plant benefit and yield from the minimum inputs all adding up to making sure there is a real return on investment (ROi). These were the pillars on which V-Farm was designed. Optimising light and environmental efficiency in a modular, easy to operate solution.

V-Farm is the latest in a number of ground-breaking innovations in urban agriculture from HydroGarden, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment with a deserved reputation for product innovation. Established in 1996, the company develops and manufactures the V-Farm at its UK headquarters in Coventry.

Different background with a shared vision

Our incredibly dedicated international team come from diverse backgrounds spanning commercial horticulture, engineering, plant science, chemistry and product design.


From replicating any environment around the world for research and R&D to offering a fantastic show and training facility for clients and the press.

Project Urban grow, set up at our Coventry HQ, is our multi-million pound facility demonstrating the latest in urban horticulture. At its heart is V-Farm with all products on display and in use. From fully environmentally controlled grow rooms to cutting edge advancements in LED, air handling, water saving irrigation, growing media and seed production. The elephants in Twycross Zoo love our highly nutritious trial crops and you will too.

“When I visited HydroGarden to see the project in action I was very impressed. It’s great to see how far hydroponics has come and we’re looking forward to keeping in touch about future projects. It’s even better when our animals get treats as a result!”

Julian Chapman – Team Leader of Large Mammals, Twycross Zoo (The lucky elephants get to sample our trial produce)


EEF future manufacturing awards, national winner in best innovation category.

Future Site

Not simply happy with developing the best solution to grow targeted plants, we see the future is to raise nutrition in plants so we can grow less but feed more. This is the key to feeding the planet in the years to come. Combine this with innovative new hardware, AI, and automation and we see there is a real possibility if the scale is there, to feed city populations from within the city.

Living, working building integration is key introducing farms that we live around, they clean our air, mentally stimulate us and feed us highly nutritious crops.

The future is truly green.


We attend many events around the globe as delegates, speakers and exhibitors so come and say hi.

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Join us

We are a small but perfectly formed and fast growing team based in Coventry, UK. We are creativity, plant & people focused. Making sure that we have happy customers that love the fact our products deliver what we say they do. To make grand ideas come true it takes a talented committed team, supportive of one another and with a shared vision to build the best plant production solutions to feed the 21st century. If you think you’re one of those people then we would love to hear from you.

No Dress Code

It’s all about felling comfortable in your self and letting your your talents shine.

Your future wellbeing is important

So we have a way of allowing you to save for it with employer funded pension. Plus regular visits by different healthcare professionals.

Learn from each other

An intercultural team that enrich and inspire each other. Creative thinking for solutions and problems.

Travel Possibilities

We constantly attend global seminars, conferences and exhibitions to spread the word of V-Farming.

Team events

From bar meals to bowling, we try to hold regular get togethers to assist in team bonding.

Creative Environment

Modern offices with plenty of break out areas and even a thinking ideas room full of bean bags. 😀


If you want to help shape the future of tomorrow in our team then see our vacancies. Don't dispair if you don't fit any of these but still want to speak to us about opportunities or feel you have something to offer, email us using the form to the right.