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Launching now, pre-orders taken for delivery Summer 2020.

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Smart sensors control auto feeding and irrigation

Fully environmentally controlled

Pre-programmed crops and colour coded grow modes make it very simple to use

Looks great under our highly efficient custom LEDs

Quick access with pull-out drawers

Grow your favourite crops year round

The V-Farm ‘smart’ system is easy to use through our app. No soil, no

repotting, just sow and press grow.

The V-Farm also communicated to you via a notification light bar as a visual aid.

On wheels and easy to move and easy to clean between crops 

V-Farm specification 

Depth: 85cm 

Depth w/ Door open: 162cm 

Width: 191.5cm

Height: 225cm

Reservoir volume: 100 litres

Growing capacity: 4 trays, each having 120cm x 60cm of growing area = 2.88 cubic metres of growing area in total on a 4 shelf unit.

Equals 12 microgreen trays (60cm x 40cm of microgreens per tray) or 12 mature crop trays (60cm x 40cm with 10 plant spaces for herbs and salad crops) = 120 plants per appliance.

Mature plants can be leaf harvested over a period up to 3 months.

3-year warranty (1 year parts and labour. 3 years parts)

Product requirements:

Electrical requirements: Grounded 230/240v 13Amp wall plug 

Installed near drain/tap to reach the appliance by hose.

Included accessories:

  • Liquid plant food Meter Storage & calibration solution
  • 12 net pot trays with net pots
  • 12 microgreen trays 
  • 3 humidity domes 
  • 4 end covers

Pre-Order now and save. Limited units are on sale at a beta testing price of £7,000



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