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V-Farm Add - Fruit&Flower 13/14


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V-Farm Add

V-Farms range of ADD additives are specially designed to give optimum results when used alongside V-Farm base feeds.

Ideal for use in all systems and media.

ADD – Fruit&Flower 13/14

Increases phosphorus and potassium to nitrogen ratio, stimulating plants to increased size and quality of flowers and fruits.

Potassium and phosphorus give plants an extra push during their late flowering period, this speeds up the reproductive processes and redirects energy to flowers and fruit  development. Phosphorus and potassium are essential macronutrients required by plants and are a key to successful and plentiful production of flowers and fruits.

Phosphorus is necessary for metabolic processes such as photosynthesis, energy transfer and synthesis and breakdown of carbohydrates.

Potassium is required in large amounts for proper growth and reproduction of plants. It is commonly considered as the “quality nutrient.” It affects shape, size, colour, taste and other properties of flowers and fruits.

Usage instructions:

Use 1 ml/L alongside your main nutrients during the week of peak flowering/Fruiting. For best results use in conjunction with V-Farm Bud Initiate. Do not use with V-Farm Bud Initiate but swap V-Farm Bud Initiate for Flower&Fruit 13/14 during the week of highest demand. If required, adjust the pH.

Recommended pH range 5.8-6.5. Shake well before use.

Available in 1L and 5L bottles.