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V-Farm Natural Rooting Sponges - Box of 1400


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V-Farm Natural Rooting Sponges are a breakthrough in technology using plant derived biodegradable polymers bonding together a mixture of peat and bark to form a strong, pliable ready to use plug ideal for NFT/ flood and drain in trays or propagation into other media. The structure of the V-Farm sponge allows for the ideal amount of water and air to surround the seed or seedling creating the perfect microenvironment.  The V-Farm sponge is also inoculated with micronutrients and beneficial bacteria to help the seedlings get the best start once it has germinated.  As the seedlings and cuttings are left to grow in the V-Farm Rooting Sponge, there is no damage or shock to the young plant when potting on which allows all the plants energy to be put into growth.

The Rooting Sponge will not break down or degrade quickly into the nutrient solution and cause blockages within the irrigation pipes or reduce support provided to the plant and root zone.

Use in NFT

Propagate seeds and cuttings in the usual way using our 60 cell tray. When white, healthy roots emerge from the base of the plug place the V-Farm Rooting Sponge into a 51mm net pot and place this into the allocated place.

Use in Aquaponics

V-Farm products are also suitable for use in Aquaponic systems where fish and plants grow in harmony in a connected system. Fish waste is used to provide nutrition for the plants and the plants in turn provide clean water to be returned to the fish tank.

Bulk box of 1400 plugs.