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VF5219 - 5 Layer NFT System


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This V-Farm is mostly used for volume high value herb and leafy green production,
strawberries and community growing systems. It’s modular design means that multiple racks can easily be incorporated into your farm environment whether above or below ground.


Adjustable lamp heights. On tracks and easy to move Isles together. Flexible moving irrigation lines.
This larger commercial rack is based on a modular design where a number can easily be incorporated into your building, linked to a central irrigation system and autogrow controller. Versions of this as turn key system within an environmentally controlled chamber are available.

Production example:

  • 1530 heads of lettuce per crop.
  • 19890 plants per year @ 150gm - 2983 kilos
  • Based on V-Farm Head lettuce 28 days, 13 crops.
  • Supplied with Spectron T8 LED lights, option using Valoya T8 lights are available, contact us if required.

Ideal Crops

Leafy Greens
High Value Herbs
Medicinal/Sea of Green


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Height 293cm
Length 595cm
Weight TBA
Width 167cm
  • Materials - Food grade stainless steel frame
    IP67 LED lamps

    Food grade plastics
  • 5 layers, each holding 10 x SG50 NFT gullies
  • Maximum crop Height: 260mm
  • Growing area: 43.5m2 growing area per rack
  • 10 NFT gullies per layer, 5 layers, 1530 plant sites per rack (at standard planting hole ratio 18cm between centres) Lights: 26, 27 or 32 per layer (depending on layer)
  • Total 138 per rack of 1500mm Spectron GB white 31w T8 LED's
  • Runs on 4 tracks
  • Power Usage: 138 LED lights at 31w - 4278w power consumption
  • Patented modular moving rack design