Pershore College is a national centre for horticulture situated on a 60-hectare site near Evesham, at the heart of this is the new £6 million Agri-Tech Centre, combining state of the art equipment, laboratory, teaching facilities and a brand new STEM Centre.

V-Farm Production Facility

Professor Kennedy explained ‘The combination of our new facilities and industry expertise enables us to increase our course provision, engage with young people from schools and colleges across Worcestershire and provide support for businesses in the Agri-Tech sector. V-Farm is at the centre of this demonstrating accessible, portable and scalable Agri-Tech that Inspires students to engage in the sector using Agri-Tech to challenge existing perceptions of the horticulture sector. 

Its early days but is working really well to attract the new tech savvy students and on the back of this investment we are broadening our curriculum portfolio to include new Horticulture, Technology & Innovation courses including apprenticeships.’

V-Farm Production Units

Pershore College facilities include;
Research / teaching Laboratory specialising in development of diagnostic technologies to support integrated disease management systems.
Indoor vertical farm utilising LED lighting to facilitate improved growth and yield.
Protected systems applying the latest in hydroponic science and technology to investigate improved yield of horticultural crops.

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