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Reduced food waste. Reduced packing, reduced food miles and increased taste.



Adds value, looks great, tastes even better... Functional food theatre.

V-Farm has an app controlled 'smart' vertical farm that allows you to grow nutritionally rich fresh crops on site with little effort. Our systems draw customers in and add a whole new layer of excitement and value, regardless of whether you're a supermarket, cocktail bar, restaurant or salad bar.

Eye Catching


V-Farm offer you functional food theatre in your place of work, with plants front and centre, the star of the show. Watch your plants grow from seed to full maturity in a matter of weeks. When customer facing, it raises foot fall and social media sharing.



Plug in your full environmentally controlled V-Farm, go through the easy 'in app' set up guide, start growing. A smart LCD side light mounted on the unit informs you visually of any notifications or problems.

Fresh and Tasty


Your favourite leafy greens and herbs grown all year around from your own premises. As the crops are living at point of harvest, freshness and nutrition are optimised. Taste, texture and aromatics are raised, offering added value to the crop.

Peace of Mind


Food tastes better when you know where it came from. You only grow and harvest what you require which means little to no food waste. Reduced packaging, reduced food miles, zero pesticides.

Value for Money


The V-Farm will pay for itself in no time at all, expect the following savings...

Cost of produce - Produce cost will be reduced if buying high value herbs and microgreens.

Cost of saving waste - Citifarm will extend shelf life of your produce.

Cost of increased perceived customer value - Allowing for higher prices charged.

Cost of fresher food - Meaning happier revisiting customers.

Cost of free marketing - From being shared on social media.

Running cost - Averages £2 a day in electricity.

Grow what you what, pick what you need


We offer many different crop varieties that we have selected and developed specifically for your market including salads, microgreens and herbs.

Microgreens and baby leaf will take on average 7 to 10 days from planting.

Salad crops will take from 25 to 35 days from planting, can be harvested or leaf picked for up to 30 days.

Herbs will take from 30 days and you can then constantly pick for up to 90 days.



Add V-Farms to your restaurant and create new visual food conversations with your customers:

Adds freshness | Adds interaction | Adds value

Nothing beats the taste, texture and colour of greens which have been freshly harvested after growing in optimal conditions. Our salads, microgreens and herbs provide Chefs looking to stand out, with a unique array of richness and diversity of nutrients, textures, colours and complex flavours.

The V-Farm is functional food theatre. Added-value experiences are created as you pick leaves in front of customers for their dishes.

Installing V-Farms within the consumer space makes a statement about your intentions as a business. It demonstrates your commitment to serving the best tasting, freshest food while minimising the environmental impact and generates raised social media profile from food bloggers and customers that share on social media.

Whether in search of the most nutritious greens, in search of superior textures, tastes and colours, or looking for difficult to source greens, the V-Farms can be your tool to achieve your goal.

Bring the Citifarm into the bar and create a new dimension to the theatre of cocktail and smoothie making.

Adds taste | Adds interaction | Adds value

The Citifarm looks great in any bar and creates a point of interest to engage customers, watching the theatre of picking fresh leaves from our range of specifically developed bar crops. It improves the taste of fresh aromatics and minimises waste as it enables you to pick to order.

Serve turbocharged microgreen superfood juices or your best ever mojito with mint fresh from your Citifarm!

Consumers are increasingly conscious of where their food comes from and the environmental impact of their choices. They want fresher, better quality foods produced by sustainable supply chains. To maintain the consumer’s trust, businesses must be seen to be making environmentally friendly decisions.

This is why we developed the Citifarm ‘living greens’ isle concept, providing your business with the following benefits:

  • Reduced waste in the supply chain as you only harvest the greens when needed – the rest keeps on growing.
  • Reduced packaging waste.
  • Minimised carbon footprint through reduced food miles.
  • A better end-product, as freshly cut greens have an average of double the nutritional value compared to pre-bagged salad.
  • Increased footfall instore to purchase greens that are best sold fresh directly from the store.
  • Greater perceived transparency in the supply chain – customers can see where their greens are coming from.

The Citifarm brings food theatre into the retail space. Fresh-cut salads can be bagged in front of the customer, juices created from greens picked to order. The Citifarm creates a unique experience for your customer, giving them even more incentive to shop with you.

We are looking for forward thinking, creative businesses to work with us on developing this ‘living greens’ isle. The first production units will be ready for install in Summer 2020. Crops can be grown on site or, in high demand areas, restocked part-grown from a central crop production facility.

We are aiming to provide isles under a rental package that will include installation and maintenance, monthly consumables, a bi-annual deep clean and access to all our tailored ‘grow’ recipes.

At your gym, the trainers and classes sell memberships, but nothing seals the deal quite like upscale amenities. One of the most appealing perks you can offer of all is an on-site smoothie, juice or health food bar.

The Citifarm enables you to grow microgreens and nutritious superfoods onsite, increasing freshness and value to the drinks and food served at your gym.

Your Citifarm microgreens will be a superfood revelation to any early morning gym goer or a tired attendee of an afterwork spin class in need of a pick-me-up.

Many age-related nutritional problems may be remedied to some extent by providing nutrient-dense meals with the help of the Citifarms nutrient rich microgreens. Many vitamin and mineral supplements are not processed correctly by aging bodies, plant-based material is much more readily processed by the gut and has hugely beneficial pro and prebiotic properties. Management of medical and dental problems may be assisted by increased nutritional uptake.

Greens lose a significant portion of their nutrients hours after they are harvested. Due to this, salads and greens which you purchase in local stores only contain a fraction of their potential nutritional value. With greens freshly harvested from the Citifarm you can make sure that you receive their full potential of valuable vitamins, amino acids, fibre and antioxidants.

Citifarm offers a double win for developers: Firstly, they gain a marketing edge over the other developments in the area by including Citifarms in communal areas as ‘urban allotments’ and premium kitchen installs, adding value to a development’s green credentials. Secondly, the media are often enthusiastic about running stories about eco developments that have plant-based angles due to its unique feel-good story.

A Citifarm basement could be installed with multiple units servicing the whole block above where free ‘juicing’ boxes are offered every week (maintenance of the units paid for as part of the apartment service contract). Plus advertise that CO2 from the apartment aircon is pushed down to the basement, using the plants to scrub the air. The basement can also be open to families to allow their children to reconnect with food and be a hub for social interaction within the block.

This all adds value and allows a development to stand out from competitors.

The Citifarm can bring people closer to what they eat, creating healthier relationships with food, and the opportunity to change the story of how they make their own food. Educating the community about agritech and healthy eating. Growing in urban areas to give everyone access to fresh and nutritious food.

Communal ‘urban allotments’ in car parks and disused basements or communal areas. Food grown in schools has been demonstrated to raise both awareness and uptake of children wanting to eat greens plus at the same time having aspects of science and technology.

Single Crop




Twin Crop


We are looking for forward thinking, creative businesses to work with us.
First production units will be ready for install summer 2020.